About Me

I am a spicey Latina from Texas.
Married to my husband for 7 years, but we have only been in the military 5.
It was interesting to go from having a
civilian marriage to having a military one.
The first year, understanding  that life was no longer about me was tuff.
But once I put on those big girl panties and learned to push on with or without him,
life got less dramatic.

Now in those 7 years we have had 3 children.
God blessed me with THREE hard headed little boys.
I love'em little boogers!
So now an Army Wife and Mother of three, I have my hobbies and then my job.
Lucky for me, there are times when I get to mix them together.
So my job, I am a Family Readiness Support Assistant.
 I help families and soldiers prepare for deployment,
and I help families navigate their way in our community.
Now where do my hobbies fit in?
Well I also plan events for my Battalion.

So  I get to bake crazy cakes

I get to take pictures

And just plane get to be creative.
Im super lucky =)

Well, I dont know what else to tell you about me except for my favorite color is
green and I LOVE ice cream.

I hope you enjoy looking around my blog!