Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deployment Juju

Bad Juju.
Have you heard of it?
I am sure you have.

Its a term meaning a sort of bad luck, or vibe.

Well I am adding a term to the "Juju" family.
"Deployment Juju".

All of us Military Spouses have heard of it, and had it.
It those times where we talk about the car breaking down, the kids getting sick
and the wash machine starting to make noises, and this happens
ONLY when he leaves.


In my community, and with my job, Ive been hearing about others deployment juju,
so I thought Id share alittle of mine.

Last deployment!
((oh your going to love this story))

I was caravanning with some friends to a Fall Fest not to far from our post.
And of course being the free spirit I am, I HAD to jam the whole way.
So I whipped out my ipod and while plugging it in

I use to have pictures of the accident, but I cant seem to locate them.

Anyways, after that happened, I put the car in the shop
and rented a Mercedes!
Oh it was awesome!
Leather seats, dark tint, the horse power!

Anyways while doing errands on the second day of my rental


And paid out of pocket to fix it.
Deployment Juju.

And of course deployment juju grabbed me again with our new car.

That is my 2010 Dodge Journey stuck on a rock.
I swear that rock jumped out from no where.

I was stuck in such an add way on this rock that not even the tow truck could lift me off.
So a wonderful soldier teamed up with the wrecker guy and decided.
"You lift, and ill pull the rock out from under with my truck."

Luckily it was alittle cosmetic damage that isn't going to cost me much to fix.
And Laura your right, I was able to laugh at myself.

This deployment juju gets us all.
And you can either let it get you down.
Team up with someone and figure how to get off that damn rock!


life is what you make it :o} said...

so it's not just me!! It seems that the deployment juju is contagious. I'm glad that noone was hurt and that there was only minimal cosmetic damage. I hit parked cars and you hit rocks. That's some strong juju!!

Michelle said...

It is some strong Juju, but gotta just pick up and keep truckin. I swear this incident gave a whole new meaning to "living on the rock" for me. =)


Laura said...

HAHA! I have been waiting for this one!!!! I remember that day, and I am sorry I laughed at the time, but seeing the pictures made me laugh all over again. Just remember, whatever can happen, will.

Michelle said...

Oh I know Laura. And you were fine for laughing, I was laughing too. Now my old man didnt laugh too much, but oh well. =)


Chelle said...

I can't stop laughing only because I have done this two times myself. Both times were me being an idiot talking away on my phone and not paying attention. Ugh it was the stupidest thing I had ever done especially since I was single at 1 of the times and was leaving the house of the guy was "seeing". Oy veigh.

Michelle said...

Chelle, I wish I was talking on the phone when I did this! LOL! It might have made more sense of me being distracted than a dork. LOL! I was 100% in full dork mode this day! And of course when something like this happends, all the BN FRLs just happen to be going to the mail room. They will never let me live this one down.