Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drill Sergeant Duty!

We have finally come down on assignment!
My husband is going Drill! I know most families dread that word, but my family is very excited about it.
Sr. has always wanted to be a Drill Sergeant, its actually a personal goal of his. He wanted to be able to mentor young soldiers as soon as they crossed the tracks and now he will. As for me, well I have always felt my husband would make a fantastic DS. He is a great motivator and his heart is in the right place. I hope to help him on the trail by helping families understand what their son, daughter, brother, sister, husband or wife is going through. Seeing as we are being stationed in Oklahoma, my husbands new pupils will be male, but still I hope to help give families a warm welcome into the military. My training as an FRSA will allow me to do this, and I am grateful that I have the knowledge to share.

Now know it will not be all rainbows and pancakes but wonderful things come from hard work and my husband and I are no stranger to hard work. We will make it like we always do, and I am just so grateful that he and I have been given this rare chance. Plus I will admit, I think the drill hat is sexy =)

So let me ask you, what do you wish someone would have wrote you and told you while your family member went into the Service? Did you get a warm welcoming while he was in BCT?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good-Bye USAEUR!

and with the way I feel about it, not soon enough
My family will be leaving Europe.

When we first arrived in country my family looked like this

And six years later, we now looks like this

My little Junior was only one when we moved to Germany


 Now he is seven and.........
He has two siblings

My husband has been through 3 deployments


Him and I have changed during these separations.
We have grown in our marriage and as individuals.

For six years our family has grown and thrived in Europe.
Where we are on to next?
 I can't quite tell you but I am sure we will grow more and learn more.
Until then I purge.

The Rib

P.S. I am leaving Germany with a Shrank, Grandfather clock and two babies!
I have fulfilled the omen =)

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Post of the New Year!

Im late!
By nine days.
Better late than never, right?

Stay tuned! Ill post after I come home from Scouting!