Friday, December 17, 2010

Photography (Foto Friday)

Part of my blog is deticated to Photography
Its something Ive grown up doing being a part of my Mothers Photography buisness
(AD Photography)

I love taking pictures
Especially scoping out places I think will be great for photos.
Last summer I found a little trail that was awesome for photos.

This location is my favorite place to take pictures.
I call it," My hiding spot"
Recently in my little town in Germany we have been getting tons of snow
And while dropping the kids at day care I wondered
"What does my hiding place look like now?"
So I drove over and this is what I found:

It was beautiful
So many photo opportunities!
I just wanted to lay down on my back, concentrate on one leaf and shoot.
Problem was I had no blanket
And I was literally knee deep in snow, feeling frost bite nibble at my toes

It was so worth it though.

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Julie the Army Wife said...

What a cool place! Reminds me of where we use to live in Germany,

Holly said...

I LOVE the second to last one, and the color one of the trees. Beautiful.

The Peacock's Tale said...

I loved the picture of the trees blurred together. Incredible. You'll have to share how you did that with me! I nominated you on Household 6 Diva for your "foto". great!

Tara O said...

It's beautiful! I miss your little town in Germany (I think we were at the same place until recently!!)

Michelle said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I had fun with this today. I hadnt been out taking pictures in about a month because of the insaine cold weather have been having, but today I had that itch and there was no way I was going to get over going to see my fav. photo spot unless I went.
@ Tara, were you on the Rock?

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh wow. What a pretty place. I love secret hiding places like that for pictures. I discovered a fun mural on a wall this summer at an out of the way place and was able to incorporate it into some shoots. So much fun!

Alice said...

gorgeous shots! what a lovely secret place - i had one as a little girl - yours reminds me of it :)

Adrienne said...

Great photos! :) I love the ones with all the trees, and the one with the leaves, great job! :) Thanks for sharing!

Kristy said...

love your leaf macro!

Michelle said...

Thank you all for the comments! I am hoping to get back out there soon once I have some snow boots, and this time I will not forget the blanket =)


love, brandi said...

so pretty and enchanting!