Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vacation Memories

Not too long ago, my family took our yearly vacation to Berlin, Germany.

We woke up early in the morning all bright eye'd and bushy tailed ready to make the 7 hour drive.

(We were a family of four at this time, I was pregnant with Isaac here and didnt even know it)

When we arrived in Berlin, we visited the Berlin Aquarium

We saw a few historical sites

And we went to the famous Berlin Zoo.

While we were at the zoo, the funniest, most embarrassing thing happend..
We were at the enterance of the Zoo, reading the site map, planning out our day
when I realized Junior was no longer at my side!
I freak out, and instanly turned in every direction possible
It was then that I found him, not to far off
With his pants around his ankles
Peeing in a bush!

Junior: Going potty?
Me: Who told you this was okay?
Junior: Daddy

Then came the glare of death upon my husband.
His answer:
He's a boy, and that what boys do! We pee outside!

Not too long after this incident we came upon this statue at the Zoo

Its one of my favorite pictures from our vacation.
I cant wait to tell his future girlfriends about this!

What are your funny vacation memories?


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Muriel said...

That statue is too funny!!