Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Monte Carlo Hotel and Resort

Recently my husband and I took leave from the busy world of parenting and soldiering
and took a much needed pre-deployment" Honey Moon".

For weeks we planned our trip.

First things first, drop the kiddos off with Grandma

Then jet set to

(Yes that took weeks to put together)

It was a first time for the both of us and we were excited.
We picked what we thought was the best hotel, with an upgraded room
and prepared for relaxation.

Well thats not what we got.
First we flew Delta.
We have never flown Delta before
And all I will say is, we will never again fly Delta.
3 flight delays later were were in Vegas.


So by the time we get to the Monte Carlo, we were tired and just ready to get some room service and lay down.
The next morning, we woke bright and early to see the sites and gamble.
So getting dressed, I thought Id make the covers, and noticed nasty old blood stains on the sheets!

So started to take them off the bed, and found PUBIC HAIR in between the sheets!

I called the hotel manager and waited on the phone for 20 minutes for her to answer.
While waiting I noticed this in the jacuzzi tub!


So I complained, we got upgraded, but we hated the room we were upgraded too.
We wanted a relaxing spa weekend.
Instead we had to pack all our belongings and move ourselves up to a room that was not romantic at all.

And guess what.
We still had to pay for it.
 It was not relaxing.
And took up time on our little get away.
So disappointing.

So Thank You Monte Carlo for a nasty room!

P.S. Im sure you gather from this post that I will not be returning or reccomending you to any of our military families.


Sara Louise said...

What a horribly disgusting discovery! And I can't believe the hotel didn't try to do more to accommodate you. They should never mess with a blogger because of you and this post, I will never stay at The Monte Carlo!

Michelle said...

Wasnt that horrible!
I felt so sick to my stomach after I saw it! I couldnt believe I slept on that! We didnt even get to use the jacuzzi tub! It was a total let down for our romantic weekend.