Friday, December 31, 2010

Press once for yes, twice for no.

I was recently telling my friend Ann
about how the communications in Afghanistan aren't up to par with how they were in Iraq.
My husband whom has been deployed for almost a month calls home at least once a week.
And when he does, about 10 minutes into the conversation I find myself saying:

"Hello? Baby, you there?"

(In the background I can hear something, just not him.)
Me: "If your there press a number."
Him: "Boop"
(Yes, I'm here)

Me: "Okay so your there, did you hear everything I just said?"
"Press a once for yes, twice for no"

Him: "Boop"

Me: "UGH! I hate these crappy connections"


Me: "Can you hang up and call me again"

Him: "Boop, Boop"

Me: "Ugh, well I love you, call me again soon, and please be safe in whatever you do".

Him: "Boop, boop, boop, booooooop"

Gotta love a man who can work the numbers on a phone to say " I love you ".

Just thought Id share.
How does this deployment differ from other ones for you.

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Beka said...

Awww! That's cute, I'm glad you guys make it work! :)