Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa I want......

When my brother and I were little we had a special way of
telling Santa what we wanted for Christmas.
We would wait for the Sunday paper, usually the first Sunday after Thanksgiving,
and get ahold of the Toys"R"Us catalog.
We would then cut out every-single-toy we wanted, shoved it in an envelope and took it to the mall for our yearly photo shoot with the "Big Man".

                  (Notice the 2 envelopes in my Brothers hand)              

Thinking back, I liked the way that worked out.
Santa knew exactly what I wanted, and I didnt have to worry about him getting confused.
     So I have continued that tradition with my children, ya know so they dont have to worry :)

They had alot of fun circling toys in the AAFES catalog

Seann even got some help from his Auntie Risa.

And the end of it all, we closed the books and mailed them to
 Santa at the North Pole
Or maybe it was Baumholder? Who knows close enough, right?
Either way, no confusion for Santa!  

How does your family tell Santa what they want?


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