Monday, December 20, 2010

Embracing the cold

I am proud to announce I am a
From San Antonio to be exact.
I LOVE hot and humid summers, warm falls, and cool winters.
Notice I said cool winters not cold.
Us Southern Texans, we dont do cold, or like my Grandpa says,
"We dont participate"

Well living in Germany, I have no choice but to particiapate in cold weather
and I will admit I am stuggling with embracing any part of it.

Look at this leaf

I wish I could give snow a big ole' hug just like this leaf is.

Check out my kids

Junior embraced it with his whole body by making a snow angel

And Seann well he embraced winter gastrointestionally by eating as much of it as he could.

And Isaac we pulled him around in a laundry basket, he had no choice

I need to learn to embrace my surroundings.
Winter and everything that comes with it.

Where are you from? And where are you now?
How do you deal with the climate changes?


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