Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good-Bye USAEUR!

and with the way I feel about it, not soon enough
My family will be leaving Europe.

When we first arrived in country my family looked like this

And six years later, we now looks like this

My little Junior was only one when we moved to Germany


 Now he is seven and.........
He has two siblings

My husband has been through 3 deployments


Him and I have changed during these separations.
We have grown in our marriage and as individuals.

For six years our family has grown and thrived in Europe.
Where we are on to next?
 I can't quite tell you but I am sure we will grow more and learn more.
Until then I purge.

The Rib

P.S. I am leaving Germany with a Shrank, Grandfather clock and two babies!
I have fulfilled the omen =)

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