Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dead Ahead

 Recently I celebrated the 6 month mark of our 12 month deployment. While celebrating, the most surprising things crossed my mind.

1) Oh Shit, I havent saved enough money.
2) Ugh, I havent lost enough weight.
3) I need start researching our next duty station.

The list goes on and on, but in that moment, I felt the end of the deployment was nearer than it really was. I started to panic. I felt alot like the bells in this picture. There was nothing stopping that ball from hitting one bell after the other. And once it reached the end, that was it, it fell off the track.

Have you ever felt that way once you've hit that six month mark? Like it was going to be all over so soon and you did not feel as accomplished as you wanted?
What did you do to help ease your anxiety?

Me, well I started making lists. I counted out my pay dates and realized I had plenty of time to save more money. Lose more weight. And Ive already started planning our next move to our perspective duty station. Making these lists made me feel MUCH better. But I am a list kinda Gal. I mean seriously, Ive got lists everywhere.
On another note, as kind of an update.
I am doing okay.
I am most definitely not thriving this deployment, I am in survival mode 24/7.
I am going to attempt to turn this around for me by taking up a new hobby/interest.
I am starting guitar lessons next month!
I bought a new guitar and tuner! Ive contacted a teacher, I am so excited!
And I really need this.
I need it to relax and de-stress.
I need to do this for me.
So stay tuned for those adventures.


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