Thursday, July 28, 2011

R&R Surprise

It was not long ago that I "baby sat" my cell phone waiting for a call from him
letting me know his where abouts on his journey home for R&R.

You see, it has been seven long months since my Sarge. deployed.
We went through Christmas, Birthdays, our Anniversary and other various holidays
one after the other without him and any close kin near by.

This R&R was a much needed break for the both of us.
So like I mentioned, I literally sat on my phone for 3 days waiting to hear from him.
Everyday I grew more nervous not hearing a peep from him,
so nervous I was unable to sleep.

One Wednesday morning the FRL from our  battery came into my office at work to
let me know he would be picking my husband up from the airport the following morning.
"Odd?" I thought, "Why didnt he call me?"
" because the phones were backed up," he was quick to answer
 but said he had heard info from the liaison downrange that Sarge. was on his way.

I was so excited, I finally had information, that I didn't question him further. 
So on my lunch break I left the office to do my produce shopping.
I picked up my purse and walked out the building gleaming with the little bit of information I had.
I was in a daze, looking down at my shoes, smirking at the thought of him walking through the front door the following morning, when I looked up to point the clicker to unlock the car, and saw my old man running towards me from across the parking lot with a dozen roses.

I was in such shock, I couldn't move.
He surprised me.
((I hate surprises))

 I screamed
(maybe beat him up a little)

He smirked, "Hey baby, where you going?"
I replied: "Uh, grocery shopping  for your home coming TOMORROW!?!"
I look behind him at my mischievous FRL smiling with pride that he fooled the clever Mrs. Mims. It most definitely was home coming to remember. I cant wait to share our most recent adventures with you as we reconnected over 14 days, and then prepare to say good bye.


Laura said...

Haha, that is awesome! Wish I could have seen that!

Ashlee said...

Love it! :) That's awesome and totally sweet.