Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1: Becoming a Man

This R&R was different for my husband.
It seemed it came home with a motive of teaching our boy to become a man.
Which is weird to say since J.R. is only six.

I guess being in a danger zone for 7 months put an urge in him to start unloading his knowledge of life into his six year old boy. ( I had to help him pace himself)

For my husband, one of the steps to man hood is learning to fish.
(Survival in the wilderness)
The first morning he was home, he woke us ALL up at 0500 to prepare to go catch us a big one.
*Note: I was not planning on getting out of bed for 24 hours, especially since we didn't get to bed until almost midnight the evening before. I was not a happy camper*

Any who, so adventure one: We go to ODR to get poles, new tackle equipment and bait. we head out to the stock pond, I slam my pole in the door and break it in half, and he starts the careful process of teaching J.R to bait his hook, and even though we have the worms we bought in the shop, he also teaches him to catch his own bait, the kind of bait the fish in the pond will bite for, which is trout so we go cricket hunting. He teaches him where to hook the cricket, and explains the whole cricket skeleton VS casting momentum formula. (It was pretty interesting stuff)
Once we have baited Jiminy, he teaches J.R. to cast his own line.
He teaches him to watch for people behind him, so he doesn't catch a person rather than a fish. He teaches him to lock his reel once he casts, and tells him to sit, wait and be patient.

 Surprisingly, J.R. sits as his Dad instructed.

J.R and Sr. fished for four hours that day.
Sometimes they talked, sometimes they just sat there and waited.
Until finally they got alittle tug.

The fish was not a whopper but it was an amazing process to watch.
To sit and watch J.R. admire his father, and for Sr. glow with pride at his sons eagerness to learn.
On our way home Sr. put his hand on my leg, and softly said,
" I feel like I did some real parenting today".

I was amazed.

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Sweet Pea said...

SOOOO cute!! Its amazing what these men feel the need to instill on their children!! :D I love daddies!! Congrats on having the love home for R&R seems like yesterday you were writing that he left!! Thinking of you all! :D Hope R&R goes by slow and deployment goes by fast!