Friday, August 5, 2011

Cake in a Jar

So ill be honest, I don't know where I was, or what I was doing when I heard of cake in a jar, but it sounded pretty darn awesome and inventive! It also sounded like an easy and perfect gift to put in the rooms of the single soldiers for redeployment! Anyhow, almost immediately after hearing about cake in a jar, I googled it. I found lots of recipes, but the one at Loving a Soldier, Living the Life (Army Wife Network) seemed to be the one for me.

I purchased jars at a little German grocery store.

Washed them. and boiled them.

I did not really know how to boil jars, so I googled that too.
Then here is the best part of the recipe.
Mr. Dough boy

The recipe is a cake box recipe! Prepare as directed. Fill the jars half way.
Bake at 400 for 30-35 minutes.

Oh! I forgot to  mention!
I invited Betty and Duncan over to see how they do in the jar!
So far, so good!


Muriel said...

I have never seen that before what a cute idea!

Our Little Fam said...

That looks like fun, I will have to try it sometime!

Kristen said...

Just wanted to let you know that I featured this post on AWN's facebook page :-)

Armylife Strong said...

That is too cool. Now aren't there different types of jars and won't some of them break?? How do you know you have the "right kind?" Thank you so much for sharing. OH! If you wish to give as a gift - wouldn't you have to do so right away since there is no seal to it? Otherwise wouldn't that perfect environment for mold?? Thanks!

Kiki said...

I want to try cake in a jar, I'm afraid the glass will burst in the oven. I have no idea why I can't just do it.

Michelle said...

Thanks All! And Thank you AWN for posting on your FB. ! Armylife Strong, I researched that and the jars are boiled to kill bacteria and they are sealed and can be stored for up to one year. When openning the jars you hear a pop from the seal being broken. @ Kiki I worried about the samething, but you bake them on a cookie sheet, and they came out great!