Saturday, October 15, 2011

It almost time!

Its been almost twelve long months since the Black Knights occupied their barracks, and now it is time to start getting ready to bring our hero's home. 

Today the Lady Knights gathered for a day of cleaning and decorating.  

For six hours we decorated posters and walls,

 Stuffed baskets full of goodies
And hung ribbons

 We had a blast, but I had even more fun with one of my tasks.I was tasked to go get condoms from the health clinic for our soldiers. I thought the pharmacist was going to give me a box of condoms, not a Sam's Economy Sized Bag! And two of them at that!
I don't think I need to tell you I hauled ass to the car so no one would think I was a sex crazed maniac!

So the original intent was to put these in our cute baskets, which we did but we still had a ton left over. So to add some humor to our barracks I made a grab and go.

Waste not want not, right?
Oh and did I mention the condoms are strawberry and banana flavored? Who knew the army cared about how it tasted. LOL!!!


What kind of funny decorating have you done?
Would you like to share some ideas?

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