Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homie and his new "Dew"

I’ve gotten word on

Last time we heard from Homie
he had gotten counseled for his hair being out of regulation.

These two guys here are the platoon barbers
Payne and Downing.

I guess they cut everyone’s hair with a knife?
Or maybe this is some kind of induction into the cool guys club.

Seeing this picture was almost painful.
Poor Homie!
I felt like a mom who had let my husband take the boys for haircuts.
Which I have done that, ((ONCE)) and yup, they pretty much came back with no hair.

The end result.

How do you like the new "dew"?


Laura said...

Well, at least Homie looks happy about it!

Michelle said...

LOL! If only he could change his facial expression I am sure he would be crying. LOL!


MrsMcDancer said...

Aww, Homie's all squared away :-) I'm sure the new dew will make the heat a little more bearable ;-)

Michelle said...

@MrsMcDancer: I hope so. He sure does look more like a soldier now.