Friday, December 30, 2011

A Million Little Pieces

Its a million little pieces
Its that green ball over there,
 No not that one, the other one,
 Yea that one
That represents the love I have for my family
Oh and you see that perfect pink one
The one signifies my admiration for the strength of the women in my life.
Then there are the mass color representatives,
like the Sunny Yellow balls,
Those ones make up the MANY wonderful people in my life that bring
Joy and happiness into my days when I am feeling less than Sunny.
There are a little bit of blue, orange and purple balls,
Those are the ones I have yet to discover in my life.
But the White Balls, those ones are the best,
The white ones represent the love I have for my Lord,
And if you notice, all those white ones touch the other ones,
Because he is always apart of everything I love.

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