Thursday, November 18, 2010


Good Evening Readers!
Well I have once again abandoned my blog and now returning.

I have a good excuse though.
I was on LEAVE!


We went home to San Antonio, Texas.
Dropped the kiddos off with Grandma and went to Las Vegas!

The hubby and I have not had a moment like that to ourselves since we moved to Germany
 over 4 years ago.

We were all smiles at the Airport.

We were like newly weds again.

Getting away from the Army life, from the life as working parents was good for our marriage.
I am ever so Thankful to my family for watching the kids so we could take advantage of the opportunity.

Now we are back in the real world on "The Rock".
An ugly deployment is staring me straight in the face.
But Im ready.

Here we go.