Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haunted Rail Road Tracks

Happy Halloween!

First I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween full of fun, family and friends.
As I think of this day and the days I celebrated it back home
I think of the Haunted Rail Road Tracks.

Its a long time legend that a school bus was hit by a train on these tracks
and all the children on board died.

In this area all the streets are named after the children.

So this time every year, hundreds gather at these tracks
 Put baby powder on their trunk,
and park on the track
The spirits push the car over the tracks
and  little finger prints appear in  the baby powder.

Ive done it a few times
Its pretty freaky

Many say the story isnt true, many said it is.
I guess we will never know.

Does your home town have any scarey legends?