Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome Back

Its been alittle while since Ive blogged.
Life sometimes gets a bit over whelming for me, and I take a huge step back from multiple hobbies
and only concenrate on one.
Which is of course my favorite hobby, photography.
The last 2 weeks of March were brutal for my family and I.
I lost two Aunts in those two weeks.
1 died from MS and 1 died from Diabetes.
I am most certian I lost another family member that week, but I will honestly say,
the details are lost to me coping with the loss of the first two.

Even though I lost those two family members, I continued to go on with work
as if nothing was going on in my life. Which maybe was not emotionally the best thing for me todo,
but was best to keep my mind busy.

As well at the end of March I started seeking helping for my sons attention problem.
Junior has a VERY hard time with being able to focus. This has led to other problems in his academics.
I sought help through our clinics behavior health center,
and was very disappointed when the Dr.'s first solution was medication.
Although I mentioned to her numerous times that behavior and the ability to sit still is not an issue for us,
she still tried to talk me into medication. So, heart broken, with still no answers I have put Behavioral Health on the back burner, and am pulling resources from the ladies/teachers in my community to help Junior.

In these same two weeks, my son and I both got sick with the gastrointestional virus that was circling through our small military community, so that in its self was another downer.

And then most recently, our community suffered a loss.
As most headlines have already released the news, I dont feel the need to do it again.
I also dont feel it is my place.
But my prayers go out to the suffering families that lost their loved ones that day.

So, like Ive said.
Its been a while since I have blogged, and I apologize.
I as well apologize for not keeping homie updated.
We are having issues with uploading pictures from downrange, so its an issue we are working on.
My friend in the training room over there might have to help me out.

So let me ask you,
How have you been? What are you doing through?

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Laura said...

As far as your son goes I feel ya. My youngest has ADHD, and I did not want to medicate either... it was my last option. I knew something had to be done when it was affecting his education. If you ever want to talk or hear what I went through all those years ago let me know.

Sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is. Again, I am here for you if you ever need a venting ear!