Friday, April 15, 2011

Homie has Adventured!

Homie has gone quiet a few places since Ive last written about him.
And I know it has been a while.
So our mean, green, cotton filled Fighting traveling machine
has left the safety of the Camp and is traveling with his brothers in arms.

Homie traveled from city to city.

And while doing so, he noticed something interesting.
He noticed that in all the round abouts, there was always some sort of sculpture in the center.

And he became infatuated with taking pictures of them.

Maybe alittle too infatuated.

After hours of travel, and picture taking, Homie and his friends arrived safely at their destination.
But were very tired.

While resting with his friends, one of them noticed...

Homies hair is out of regulation!
So they put him on Guard Duty!

And apparently this will be corrected once they return to Camp.


Laura said...

They are going to cut Homie's hair?!?!?!?!

Michelle said...

It seems so! LOL! I hope he doesnt come out bald!


The Sometimes Single Mom said...

LOL Homie is seeing the sights! I'm curious as to what his new hair cut is going to look like...

MrsMcDancer said...

What an adventurous homie!!

Anonymous said...

All are not hunters that blow the horn.