Monday, September 20, 2010

First day if Kindergarten

Recently we survived our first week of

The handsome young man pictured above is my oldest
Brandon P. Jr

It was bitter sweet to send him off to school.
I cant believe how much he has grown.

We have gone from bottles and diapers
cups and big boy underwear.

And now

We move onto bestfriends, broken hearts and crazy little women calling my landline at all hourse of the night.
 there is hope my dear friends.
My Auntie Thelma thought me a wonderful secrete to dealing with the little ladies.

Ring, Ring

Mom: Hello?

                                                        Girlfriend: Hello, is Junior there?

                                                       Mom: Who? Junia? No Junia here
                                                          This resturant, what you want?
                                                                   {Foreign accent}
                                             Hey it worked for her until my cousin caught her.

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The Household 6 Diva said...


Kelly Lund and Kids said...

I am your newest follower!! I opened your blog, and instantly fell in love :) Thanks for the giggles :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Too funny! He is cute.

The Mims' said...

Thank you! Glad I could bring some smiles to your day :-)

Sue said...

Thanks for the tip!


Jessica said...

HAHAHA!!!! What a cutie!