Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My 6 month old son Isaac is starting to crawl
He gets up on all fours
And rocks back and fourth hoping and praying he will get somewhere
And after about 5 minutes
He looks like this

This is how Wednesdays makes me feel
I'm not in the beginning of the week, and I am not at the end.
Just in the middle, rocking back and fourth

Do you ever feel that way?


The Household 6 Diva said...

I LOVE the colors in this picture!! And YES I've felt this way!! :) Keep goin hunny - the weekend is coming!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Poor frustrated babe!

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

well put :) cute pic!! I love that face :)

Adriana said...

Great page.... I know how Isaac feels... Miss you all very and can not wait to see you all soon. Love you all always, Mom...oxoxoxo