Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jumping Joe

So, I have this Grandpa and way back in the day
when he was young he was a US Soldier.
Grandpa was no ordinary soldier, he was
A Green Beret

A real GI Joe he was

He did all kinds of tuff cool things

Which included jumping out of air planes.
(His nickname was Jumping Joe)
Growing up, I wasnt around Grandpa too much.
He lived in Florida and we lived in Texas.
But when I did see him, there were always the stories of his good ole' army days.
And each one concluded with him being tuff because he was a Green Beret.

Well that old Grandpa of mine is sick.
Thank God, things are looking better for him, but none the less he was sick.
Its hard to think of my Green Beret Grandpa being sick.
I mean common, he's jumping joe, a real live GI Joe.
But it happends.

Kinda makes me think how nothing is forever.
Well except Gods love, thats forever.
But life here isnt forever.
Makes me want to hug someone.

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