Friday, September 24, 2010

Frugal Friday-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recently my baby sister did a school project
where she made a new doll house from reusable items she found laying around.
Which included using an told end-table as the frame of her doll house.

Well my baby sister and I are very much alike.
I reuse myself.
Quite a bit.

For example:
I use...

*Empty formula containers to hold small toys*

*The glass that candles come in, after they have burned*
Stick it in the freezer and the left over wax will pop right out
Run it through the dishwasher
*You've got a pen/pencil holder*

And last but  not least
my favorite reusable


What reduce, reuse, recycle practices do you use?

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The Household 6 Diva said...

That is the most beautiful coupon tin I've ever seen!! :) I'll have to try that freezer/dishwasher trick with my candle glasses too! Thanks for the tip! ;)

Amanda Marie said...

I'm following your blog! I hope you follow me back!