Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An "easier" day

So like I shared yesterday that this week seemed to be one of "those" weeks
and how a loving, supportive, spontaneous email from my husband turned things around for me
(he also called last night for the first time in a couple days)

Well today is turning out to be a better day.

Ive mentioned in my profile that I am an FRSA.
A Family Readiness Support Assistant.

My job is hard to define because I do so many things.

I coordinate, advise, research and well just lots and lots of things.
(For about 400 families)

I love my job, its tuff at times, but very rewarding.

And planing briefings is part of the tuff part.
Especially when you are trying to get everyone on board.
(That was what part of my post was about yesterday, people making things harder than they have to be)

But today people seem ready to work.
I like that.
Because that means I can work.
I like that too.

My oldest son is better! The baby is better! The middle child hasnt gotten sick at all!
I did better at dragging myself out of bed this morning.
(Ive been having trouble sleeping)

So its lookin' up.

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DFlemMama said...

Glad you had a better day. I love reading your blog - makes me feel closer to you, especially being here in Korea and you in Germany and not having seen each other in FOREVER! Love you girl!