Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One of "those" weeks

This week just seems like one of  "those" weeks.

You know, that week where nothing seems to go right.

Where you feel like everyone is telling you, "no".


Making things harder than they really have to be?

All the while you are thinking


Three young kids
And 2 out of those three are sick.
And my favortie kind of sick
Oh and as we speak my stomach is bubbling, yup I think I am next.

Oh yea, husband deployed + three young kids, which two of are sick+as we speak my stomach is bubbling.

AND! the weather where I live is depressing and horrible.

husband deployed+three small kids, which two of are sick+as we speak my stomach is bubbling+crappy weather+people making things harder than they have to be+40 plus hour work week+volunteering

And yea.
Its one of those weeks.

So just when I was ready to throw in the towel, throw my arms up, and lay on the floor and throw a tantrum
I get this email from my husband.

" Baby Gurl, I just wanted to let you know that I'm stupid in love with you Boo.

 I really wish I was there to hold you and give you that new years kiss you deserve.

I been thinking about you all night and day.

                           I truly do Love you and hope and pray all is well. Muah take care my Love"

And just like that, I knew I would make it.
That this too shall pass.
And I knew it would pass because I have someone praying for me.
Somone who believes in me.
Who knows I will find a way to MAKE it work.

I love you Brandon.

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mrs.mommycureton said...

love this one!! its amazing how a simple email makes the day better :)