Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sitting with rollers in my hair

I am sitting here with
Hot Pink and Neon Green Rollers in my hair.
Look Ill show you

I have a briefing tomorrow, which means Ive got to whip out the high heels, and do the do.
I wonder how many people still use these foam rollers.
I like them alot better than the heated ones.

What did you do this weekend?

Me? Well.
I slept.
Took care of the kids.
Cleaned house.
Did some shopping.

Made a Dr. Suess Birthday Cake

Called the family.
Picked out earrings for the St. Barbaras Ball.

(I think these are the pair I am going to wear)

And I did massive amounts of laundry.
But it still needs to be folded.

Anyways, back to sitting here with the rollers in my hair.
Ive been thinking about all the things Ive done this weekend and the crazy week to come.
And well I hope to hear from my Pookie soon.

He is the one person I havent really heard from all weekend.
Where he is at, connections are not good.
And they havent been good for over a week.
I know he is fine.
But I would love to hear his voice.

So, do you take pictures of yourself to see what you look like when picking out clothing?
Or am I the only one whoe does that?


DFlemMama said...

Love the cake and the earrings!

Laura said...

I normally use a mirror! LOL