Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taking the time to spoil OURSELVES!

So I have been married for almost 7 years

I have had 3 children in those 7 years

And I have been through 3 deployments
(On the third one right now)

In all those years, I have spoiled my husband like no other.
Especially once he joined the military.
He is a soldier, and I felt he deserved it.

Long hours=2 bottles of Jamison every other week.
Troublesome soldiers=xbox+games+assesories
Deployments=New Computer + Ipod

My children.
Well I spoil them too.
I feel bad that their daddy is gone a lot, which equates to awesome toys and DVDs.

When I added up my husbands habits alone, for one year, well it was a pretty penny.
(I’m not complaining)

I have a shoe habit; I think we all know that by now.
But I usually only buy shoes when I am sad.

I’ve never really bought something for me to seriously enjoy.
Something relaxing.

Well today I did just that.
I bought the Nikon D90.
The people at AAFES looked at me with wide eyes when the cashier scanned it.
(ill admit for 10 seconds I felt guilty for spending that much money on myself)

Then I thought.
I deserve it.

40+ hour work weeks
3 Children
Their extra circulars
Plus keeping up with his needs down range.

I deserve something fun.
And Mil-Spouses
So do YOU!

Now I am not telling you to go drop your whole pay check on a camera.
but, spoil yourself.
Take the time to reward your week of doing the toughest job.
Supporting your man
Taking care of your household.
And just putting up with life.

And don’t feel guilty.
Guilt is a feeling that stems from doing something bad.
And it is not bad to take care of you.


Misty Mills said...

New follower compliments of BFF :)! I look forward to hearing about how life is now in the military and (my fav) Germany!!

Michelle said...

Well thank you for following!