Sunday, March 13, 2011


Before I start this post I have to say this:
I am a Christian
I don't believe in black magic
and well, your just going to have to trust that I believe in God.

Why is she saying all this you might ask.
Well I am tell you this because I am going to tell you a secrete about my family.

Members of my family have a gift.
We can predict the events to come by interpreting certain dreams we have.

Yup, I'm crazy.
but seriously its true.

We don't know why we have this gift.
Maybe its something we inherited from my Great Grandfather
Natalio Perez who was a tarot card reader for Pancho Villa.

*Neat piece of my families history*

Any who, so certain dreams mean certain things.
Like most recently my mother and my grandmother both had dreams of weddings.
Which to us, means someone is going to die.

In the month to come,
my Aunt Beatrice died and my Aunt Betty died.

Spooky, huh?

Today, while napping, I had a dream.
I had a dream that I was about to loose my teeth.
It was painful, I could barely talk.
I was searching for my mom for help.

A dream about loosing your teeth means something BAD is going to happen. 
So many bad things could happen right now.
My husband is deployed.
My brother works nights in a club/bar
My cousin lives in the Bay area
I have Family in Hawaii
And then there are other things that could happen that are not so obvious.

Other dreams we interpret are:
Dreaming of a faceless baby= Someone is pregnant
Dreaming of clear water= Something big and wonderful is going to happen
Dreams of getting lots of money= you are going to loose money
Dreams of poop= You are going to get money (that dream is my fav)

I know most probably think I am full of it with all this dream mess.
But, it's never been a bad compass for my family.


Anonymous said...

You aren't nuts, and I really think it is a gift that is heavy with the Hispanic and Native American population.
A friend of mine's dad knows when people die. He sees all these faces flash of people who have passed, and the last one is always a face of someone who hasn't died- yet.
It is so specific to the actual time of death that he had dropped his mother off at the airport, saw the flash of faces including hers, turned the car around and walked about into the airport to see paramedics working on his mother. She didn't survive.

It's a creepy gift, but a totally believable one.

Laura said...

I believe it. I have a dream dictionary here to help me interpret my own dreams (or those strange one's Daniel has). If you need me for anything let me know :)

I will probably stop by this week. What kind of coffee do you like?

Michelle said...

Wow! Now thats a real give that your friends Dad has.
I am actually Yaki Indian and Spanish, so I guess it can come from my heritage too.
At Laura, common by lady! I drink Caramel Macciatos, I dont know how to spell. LOL! Bring your dream dictionary, Im interested to see what it says.