Sunday, March 20, 2011

Homie Readys for Adventure

* Sorry this post is late, LIFE happened to me on Friday, LOL*

So just when Homie thought he was ready to travel,
some enthusiastic soldier reminded him,
" Um, Homie, I'm pretty sure there is some training you need to complete before heading out"

So Homie spent a day in
Medevac Training

I don't know if Homie is helping lift the litter, or comforting the soldier.
Either one is an important job =)

Here they are laying on top of the "injured" soldier, protecting him. 

After all that training, Homie felt the need to let his nerves down a little
So he joined in a game of rummy with some Mechanics.

After he won, lost, won and lost,
He got the word it was time to ROLL-OUT!

Good Luck Homie!
Look forward to seeing where you take us!


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McDancer said...

Absolutely love seeing Homie's adventures!