Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Facebook: The Love/Hate Relationship

Ah facebook.
The micro-blog.
Or at least I am told that was its original purpose.

We all love it.
Its quite addicting.
Especially with all the cool games and apps.
I myself am a fan of Fronterville.
One of the FRLs I work with, he is so into his Fronter,
 he sets his alarm for when he needs to harvest crops!
Even if it means getting out of the bed at 3 a.m.

Now that's dedication.

Besides for the cool games and apps
families and friends are able to stay connected all over the world.
View pictures and video.
Its a wonderful thing that facebook.
Its so wonderful, even our Armed Forces are utilizing it.

But as much as I love it.
I also HATE it.
No-really-I do.

I live in a really small military community and everyone knows,
And for that matter, everyone elses business.

So when something happens, guess what?

People are so eager to spread the news, that they don't stop to think if they should.
They don't stop and think, that maybe whom ever the post is about, that they don't want their 
Service Member to find out about the situation back home via facebook.

That it would be nice for the spouse to be the first one to tell the service member,
"Hey Honey, we have a situation, but its under control".

That when posting someone else's situation on facebook
a certain amount of anxiety is brought to the readers on the other end.

That by posting the situation, you leave room for speculation and rumors.

That the Service Member is reading via facebook that something tragic
has happen in the house hold, and they are calling home,
cant reach no one,

So, here is what I say.
Unless the situation is yours to own.
Don't post it.
Leave others to their business.
And when or if they are ready to tell everyone.
Trust me.
They will.


McDancer said...

I totally share your love/hate of facebook. It's amazing how much people share on facebook and also how people feel it's their right to share other people's private business.

Laura said...

I agree, I only share my own business on there. Other people's business is theirs... I gotcha woman! Woosah?

Unlikely Wife said...

I would be livid if someone posted my business on facebook. Anything outside of "praying for a friend" is really inappropriate.

Bonnie said...

absolutely true! I deleted a bunch of people that are on the same post as i am mainly because they just gossip and don't hang out with me in real life. I like to have *real* friends, not just friends that only associate with me on FB.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I would think for security reasons service members couldn't post such things on FB. I totally get the love/hate thing.

Michelle said...

I think asking for prayers is okay. But something vivid like," A mother and child needs prayers tonight". Not hey everyone a lady in my buildilng her 8 year old kid name billy bob got hit by a car, and this is what happend, pray for him." I think that is too much information to put out there for a sitation thats not theirs. I feel like people do that sometimes to get people to comment on their page. It pisses me off. Anywho, thank you for the comments ladies.


Jessica said...

agree with you...I have not experienced any of those type situations (thankfully) but I would hope that people would respect situations and not share what is not theirs to share