Monday, March 21, 2011

Proud Mama!

I am proud to announce
I am the Momma of  a White Belt/ Yellow Stripe.

Ok, okay. OKAY! I know that's no black belt,
but I am sure we are well on our way!

My Junior did his test last weekend.
He was so nervous!

But once he got into his fight stance...

He looked like a pro.

I love how Master Park rocked sneakers with his suit

This double kick, had Junior for the longest!
But he got it!

Getting his Yellow Stripe

My baby!

Check this kid out!
He is only 8!
He is a black belt!
He was amazing!

Whether Junior makes it to black belt or not,
we are proud of him.
We have always kept him involved in sports.
Even when he was three, he played Bambino Soccer.
Learning the concept of Team Work at a young age was important to
my Husband. He, himself played sports all his life, and at a young age
help him to cope when he Dad was away.

Does your child play sports?
Which sport gets you going as a parent?

For me, it was wrestling season! OMGOSH!
Watching my baby wrestle was the best!

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McDancer said...

Congrats to Junior! Great pics. I can't wait til Little Gbear is old enough for sports so I can sit and cheer him on!