Tuesday, December 14, 2010

40th Engineer Castle Cake

Recently I tackled the task of creating a Castle cake

I took about 80 Rice Krispy Treats, a round cake pan and a knife and went to work.

After about 30 minutes of mushing RKT into a cake pan I had pillar one

I had also started to think
"Man this is harder than I thought it would be"

About an hour after that I had pillar #2 and alittle piece of the middle.

At this point I started to feel good about myself because
1) It started looking like a castle
2) The hardest part was behind me, or so I thought.

2-3 hours later is looked like this

Then I had a crisis
Red Frosting I bought, was not sticking to the RKT
So I had to go old school and whip out the powdered sugar, frosting and Wiltons Red dye.
 Thing was, I was not prepared to make frosting.
So I called the one person I knew would have the goodies I needed.
The phone call went something like this:
HH6: Whats up lady
Rib: Frosting Crisis
HH6: What do you need I am on my way!

About 30 minutes later she arrived and we went to work.
We started mixing dye and frosting.
Ran into another issue, true red was not coming out true red
it was coming out hot pink.
Now as much as I love hot pink, Im sure my CSM would not appreciate a Hot Pink Engineer cake.

Now HH6Diva is quiet savy when it comes to social networking.
So she went to work on twitter asking her "peeps" how to get true red frosting.
We got all kinds of answers.

But the one that seemed to make the most sense was, keep adding dye until it looks red.
3 jars of Wiltons dye later, it was ENGINEER RED!

Here is a picture of Ann addin' some Engineer red frosting to the RKT Castle.
The final product

The next day
Red hands and all
Ann took this picture of me cutting the cake at the social

What is the craziest cake you have ever tackled?



The Household 6 Diva said...

I still can't believe you made that WHOLE THING out of Rice Krispies!! You are so creative! :)

Who knew it takes 3 containers of Wilton to make true red icing? Guess I should go stock up again! :)

Monica@DailyDwelling said...

You did an amazing job on the cake!!

The Miritello's said...

How amazing! :) My hubby, too, is an Engineer... And while I do not think I have enough patience to make your same castle cake, I am SO glad to have come across you in the blogging world! ~ Leslie

Michelle said...

Thank you for the nice comments! It definitly took creativeness and patience. That red frosting almost had us though! ESSAYONS! =)

Anonymous said...

This is such a nicely done cake! Can I ask you a question? How big is this cake? Oh, and if you don't mind my asking...how much would you charge for this cake?