Sunday, December 19, 2010

The BEST Mommy bag!!

Yesterday I found the greatest Mommy Bag-ever!
Its a bag for the Mom who is usually carrying a million things, and still trying to keep track of the child holding her hand.

Drum roll please


Its called a motherchildbag.

Its spacous, it has a place for your cell phone and it gives you a third hand!
And it did not cost me an arm and a leg!
Only $12.50!

My three year old LOVES it!
(and so does Mommy)

He even says the picture on the bag is him and Mommy.
As a Mommy of three young boys
(5,3, & 9 months)
This was the best find ever!


This bag can be found at

*disclaimer: I was NOT paid to write this post, or given any free merchandise*
This post was purely the thoughts of a satisfied customer


Lacey said...

Our BX also carries these.

Hank Hendricks said...

A small tag change a simple thing into so attractive.

Have you ever use the plastic key tags for your identification?