Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2/30: Something I love about myself

Day  2: Something you love about yourself.

I love that I am versatile.
I can do just about anything.
The intro of myself on my blog says,
"I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none".

Oh so true. Ill elaborate.

 I was a musician for 13 years.
Its what I went to college for.
Got scholarships and everything.
*When we move back to the states I will start playing again*

Crafty? Why Yes I am.
Crocheting, decoupage, tile pendants, scrap booking, you name it I can do it.

Baker? Oh, yea that too.
And I can decorate cakes like no other.
I built an Engineer Castle out of Rice Crispy Treats this year.

Oh, and I am a photographer, that can fix her own car. 


Oh, did I mention I am also a Certified Dental Assistant?
(Okay ye,s I am tooting my own horn now)

That what I love about me


Sarah Chapman said...

Yes, you are!!! And I love that about you too.

shelley said...

Hi Michelle,
So nice to meet you! Love your list there, love the fact that you were a musician, and thank you for all you and your family do to keep all of us safe! Have a great day! Keep in touch.

McDancer said...

That cake is crazy awesome!