Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 3/30: Something you have to forgive yourself for.

Day 3: Something you have to forgive yourself for.

That would be, working instead of staying at home with my children.
Sometimes I feel bad about not being there 24/7 watching them grow
and sometimes on the weekend being too tired to be the Mom I use to be.

I hear allot of Moms who are tired of being a SAHM.
And I understand that, because when I was a SAHM,
I was tired of kiddo talk all day every day.
Sticky tables. Barney.
But I look back on those days and which I savored it more.
Appreciated the time more.

But now I work 40+ hours a week.
Time is very limited.
Sometime I’m too tired to finger paint, fly a kite or play water guns outside.
And then I look at my week and ask myself,
"Is what I am doing for other families worth what I’m loosing with mine?"

Well yesterday, my question was answered.

There was a spouse in the BN I work for who had an emergency and had to leave her home rather quickly.
She did not have time to grab cosmetic items, but only time to grab her wallet and her
Pre-Deployment Packet.

The pre-deployment packet is an accordion folder full of important deployment information.
I spent hours making these for over 300 hundred families,
and when I walked into her hospital room and saw it on her table,
 I felt instantly fulfilled.

I helped another mother.
A now single mother.
I helped her, help herself.
I helped her to be prepared in a stressful situation.
Which will ultimately lead to her coming home to her family sooner.

That made it all worth it for me.
I know no matter what, my children will always be okay.
The time I do share with them, I make it as memorable as possible or atleast I will try harder too.
When they get older, they will understand my job and why it was so important.
And maybe they will find pride in that they shared time with their Mom, so she could help other
Moms and Dads.



The Bolton Family said...

I LOVE my file that you put together, and it has come in handy on many occasions! Thank you!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

You sound like you are doing a good job for your family and many other families.