Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wine and piercings

Last night I attended a Wine Tasting  hosted by our local spouses club.

The wine was fine and the company was superb.
Sometime that evening while sampling wines, our table got onto the subject of tattoos and piercings.

I mentioned to the table how I use to have my nose pierced but removed it when
I applied for my FRSA position. 

Talk continued, and then a good friend of mine mentioned that she and another lady were
going to our local tattoo & piercing shop the next day if I would like to join them.

So I got her number and mulled it over that night.

At 1100 a.m. today this is where I was.

This is, well I don't know his name, but I have let him pierce my nose twice.
He's real nice and really funny.
Today's story was about a 50 year old woman who got her "woohoo" pierced and passed out in the chair.

Now this is my new friend.
When Mr. Piercer up there asked who was first,
she had no problem throwing me under the bus.
That's okay, she was nervous.

And here is cute me with my new nose ring.
Hopefully by Sunday I have will be able to change it out, I can only imagine what my FRLs are going to say.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rib, Thank You for being the strength you and your little ones need at this time. G & G from the NW is very proud of you. Reading your blog we have learned what courage really means and that is you and the wives you represent. Thank you for sharing your blog and helping us to understand what military life really is.

Jennifer said...

I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've added you to my reader as well. :)