Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my husband is celebrating his  27th birthday in Afghanistan.

And we too are celebrating his special day here at home.

To start:
I went to the commissary and bought a cake and topped it off with 27 candles.

I mean really a birthday isnt a birthday unless you put ALL the candles on.

As in our family tradition I  put a 28th and left it unlit for next year

We called Daddy and sang at the top of our voices so he could hear how happy we were.
*Im sure my neighbors appreciated that*
                                                                     (Notice the phone)

Seann even added, " And many more!"

 Then as fast as we could, we helped him blow out all of his candles.

Im sure if we kept them burning any longer, cake would have caught fire.
Thank God I got the email today about the new 211 for emergencies.

Happy Birthday Honey.
(And yes old man, the jokes start NOW!)


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