Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just One Bite

When my husband and I were dating we both worked at Home Depot.
He worked in the lumber yard from 6 am-2 p.m. and I worked as a Cashier from 9 am- 5 p.m.

My husband is an early bird.
I am not.

Every morning, my then boyfriend, would wake up make himself
two sandwiches for lunch and store them in the lounge refrigerator.

Now being that I am not an early bird,
 I would literally wake up 20 minutes before I had to clock in.
Breakfast is something that never happened for me.

So when I got to work, I would sneak in the fridge,
Carefully unwrap each sandwich, and take ONE bite out of each
Wrap them back up.
And put them back exactly where I found them.
Cute, huh?


Today I dropped in at the commissary for a few things.
And I noticed they had one of our favorite seasonal items.

When ever they have the Christmas Tree Reese's or the Valentine Heart Reese's we get them.
So now that I am in my flirty, frisky phase of deployment.
 I thought id re-create that memory for us.

I took the egg out of the box, and cut a bite size piece off.

I would have bitten it myself, but I don't think germ-wise that would have been smart.
Tho I did try to cut it with grooves for the realistic effect.
After I put it back in the box, I wrote this little note.

I hope it puts a smile on my soldiers face.

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McDancer said...

It definitely put a smile on mine. Cute story :)