Friday, February 11, 2011

It's okay to be sad.

My oldest son J.R. is six years old and this is his third deployment.

And although he has been through this all before things are
plane and simple, the boy misses his Dad.

He asks when Dad will come home.
If we can call him.
And of course my favorite, "What is taking him so long?"

Right now we are three months into our deployment,
and I think J.R. is starting to feel the distance.
He has his sad moments, which is totally okay to have.
I know I have mine.

During one of his recent sad moments we talked about how its okay to be sad.
We talked about the reason he was sad.

"I miss Daddy".
I asked, "what do you miss most about Daddy?"

J.R.: His hugs.
Mom: Oh I miss those too! Daddy gives big hugs! Like this!
~J.R. gave up alittle half smile~

Mom: What else do you miss about him?
J.R.: I miss wrestling with Daddy.
Mom: Oh you and Daddy had fun wrestling last season didnt you?
J.R.: Yea.
Mom: Well when Dady comes home, you will wrestle again and maybe he will pin you like this.
(Mom makes a poor attempt at some kind of wrestling move)
~Junior lets out a giggle~

Mom: How do you feel? Still sad?
J.R.: No I feel better, but Mom?
Mom: Yea baby?
J.R.: I miss Daddys pancakes, Im tired of your oatmeal.


JennyO said...

LOL out of the mouths of babes. Hope that child got some pancakes ;)

Michelle said...

He did =) They might have not been as good as daddys, but I think they were good enough to hold him over.